• The Tongguan Kiln of Changsha


    The Tongguan Kiln of Changsha (Changsha Kiln or Tongguan Kiln) was one of the most famous ancient kilns, during the period between the Tang Dynasty and Five Dynasties.

  • Kaifu Temple


    Hunan Kaifu Temple, situated in Kaifusi Road, Kaifu district,Changsha city, is a famous temple of the Chan sect.

  • Yuelu Academy


    Yuelu Academy has been a famous institution of higher learning as well as a centre of academic activities and cultures.

  • Liu Shaoqi Memorial Hall


    Liu Shaoqi Memorial Hall is the only biographical memorial hall in China that systematically introduces Liu Shaoqi's life and great deeds.

  • Tianxin Pavilion


    Tianxin Pavilion Park, one of the most well-preserved ancient city remains, includes landmarks Tianxin Ancient Pavilion and ancient wall.

  • Former Residence of Jia Yi


    As one of the oldest relics in Changsha, the Former Residence of Jia Yi has the longest history among the former residences of Chinese celebrities.

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