• Songya Lake comprehensive development


    Its purpose is to prevent flooding, ensure drinking water safety, and improve urban ecology, environment, functions, and life.

  • Bancang Rd business street


    The project is expected to cost around 92 million yuan for road and shop renovations that change the old pattern of scattered shops to bring them together in an aggregation.

  • Changsha airport construction project


    The airport city is expected to attract headquarters, top hotels, commercial real estate, logistics centers, e-information and aviation manufacturing to provide a modern service center.

  • Bancang construction development project


    The project has local government support for modern services, and preferential treatment that allows people in non-agricultural work to settle here and streamlined business transaction

  • Business culture district project


    The project will go into operation soon and any companies moving in will be subject to preferential local government policies for service, with joint capital and leasing deals available.

  • Jiangbei Industrial Park natural gas project


    The park has no natural gas piping, so this project is expected to increase the natural gas supply of Jiangbei to meet the clean energy demands of rapid urban development while protecting the environment.

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