• Huanghua Comprehensive Bonded Zone receives investment


    Huanghua Comprehensive Bonded Zone expects an import-export volume of about $800 million after signing agreements green-lighting 10 projects on Nov 5.

  • Quantang underground commercial plaza


    Preparations and planning are underway, with Changsha county government backing in policies for faster development.

  • Quantang pedestrian street


    There will be pedestrian areas of 9-10 m on both sides of the street, with room for vehicles in emergencies and a buffer area 3 m from the greenbelt.

  • CBD construction


    The Shangdu garden city and new Longsea Plaza are under construction and have favorable Changsha county government policies for speeding up development.

  • Langli old town development


    The local government is looking for co-developers for the construction work, which gets help from favorable Changsha county government policies for service development.

  • Commercial complex on Xingsha culture plaza


    It involves two pedestrian streets off southern and eastern Liangtang Rd, as well as modern office buildings and a commercial complex at a cost of 2.2 billion yuan.

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