• Electronic health record established in Changsha county


    Xia Yu, head of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital in Changsha county, has devoted a great deal of effort to establishing the electronic health record (EHR) for women and children in the county.

  • New method of urban greening innovated in Changsha county


    Leitu, a kind of cured activated fiber culture soil, is a new environmental building auxiliary material invented by Dr Qi Zhiyong and his team. It can grow plants as it is not only a container but also a kind of soil.

  • Vary Tech shines at 19th intl environment expo


    New products and projects of Vary Tech attracted a great deal of attention at the 19th IE Expo China which was held from May 3 to May 5.

  • Songya Lake new home for great crested grebes


    Great crested grebes, which should have flown north in spring, were found settled in the Songya National Wetland Park in Changsha county where they have bred their young.

  • Changsha county's intelligent MSW sorting


    The urban management bureau of Changsha country launched a pilot project on MSW (municipal solid waste) sorting and recycling on May 8 that uses QR codes on mobile phones to collect garbage easily and efficiently.

  • Blueberry in Changsha county coming soon


    The picking period for blueberries is approaching in Changsha county. They will be available from the mid May at a price of 160 yuan ($25.18) per kilogram.

Realizing dreams in Changsha county

Changsha county has developed fast in recent years.

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