• Central Chinese cities to build more maglev lines


    Central China's Hunan province is preparing to build more middle-to-low speed magnetically levitated rail lines after the successful launch of the first domestic line in the province in 2016.

  • Culture Insider: China's Longtaitou Festival


    The traditional Chinese Longtaitou Festival falls on the second day of the second lunar month every year.

  • Changsha county rural tourism commended


    Changsha's tourism bureau organized a tour for journalists and travel agencies to experience the unique tourism activities available in the county on Feb 22.

  • The ivy league village chief


    Qin Yuefei first arrived in the village of Baiyun three years ago. The village in Hunan province - with narrow country lanes and similar-looking farmhouses - was a stark contrast to the New England residences and lecture halls of Yale University, from where Qin had graduated.

  • 2017 Culture City of East Asia kicks off in Kyoto


    The opening ceremony for the 2017 Culture City of East Asia cultural exchange activities was held in Kyoto, Japan, on Feb 18. Officials and representatives from China, Japan and Korea along with about 1,000 audience members attended the event.

  • Changsha Airport Avenue to reopen in June


    Renovation work is expected to complete on Changsha Airport Avenue before June

Realizing dreams in Changsha county

Changsha county has developed fast in recent years.

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