• 19 public participation tree planting bases open free to residents


    Changsha county's 19 tree planting bases have launched a spring voluntary forestation activity, according to the local bureau of agriculture and forestry.

  • Job fair offers thousands of posts


    A large-scale job fair held at the Xingsha Cultural Square in Changsha county on Feb 28 offered 23,000 posts to local job-hunters, according to human resources authorities and the social security bureau.

  • Charm of Changsha Shadow Puppetry


    To many people, shadow puppetry is a hoary memory that dates back to childhood. But to Wan Tiejun and his theatrical troupe members, it is their career and spiritual ballast.

  • Jinqiao village awarded as example of Hunan Beautiful Villages


    Jinqiao village in Gaoqiao town, Changsha county was recently commended at the Hunan Provincial Party Committee Conference on Rural Work for the honor of "2017 Hunan Beautiful Village Construction Demonstration Village".

  • Lantern Festival celebrations in Changsha


    Watching lantern shows and guessing lantern riddles have long been Chinese Lantern Festival traditions. Falling on March 2 this year, the festival will usher in a series of colorful activities in Changsha.

  • Drones help Changsha county protect the environment


    The Changsha county administrative law enforcement bureau recently tracked down an enterprise suspected of discharging sulfur dioxide beyond authorized limits using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

Realizing dreams in Changsha county

Changsha county has developed fast in recent years.

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