• Ten cuisines you mustn't miss in Changsha


    No matter what time of year, there is one thing in Changsha that is sure to restore energy and ignite passion among its people. It’s Food.

  • Yuloudong Restaurant


    The restaurant combines catering, recreation, and relaxation with acceptable prices for everyone and welcomes guests from everywhere with an elegant, warm setting, professional service and superb dishes.

  • Xinyuege Restaurant


    If you're a newcomer, the first item to look for is the No.1 dish, Yongzhou fried duck with duck’s blood.

  • Nanhai Seafood Restaurant


    This restaurant, on a flourishing street in the Xingsha district, offers a variety of seafood supplemented with local Hunan cuisine.

  • Laoxiangshi Restaurant


    This was opened by the Changsha Laoxiangshi Catering Co, in 2003, to combine leisure and recreation.

  • Jiangsu Restaurant


    Suitable for: large gatherings, such as business banquets, birthday parties, family reunions, or a group of friends dining together.

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