• Yingzhu Mountain


    Even today, some old-timers can still name as many as 20 of them. Near the summit there are the Old Temple, New Temple, and Yangjing Temple.

  • Tao Gong Temple


    Taoists call them the Immortal Tao Gong and visit the temple to worship them. There are also temple fairs on their birthdays – January 13 and August 17 on the Chinese lunar calendar.

  • Changsha Ecological Zoo


    This is Hunan’s only non-profit zoo State Forestry Administration and Agriculture Ministry authorization for introducing and breeding protected wild animals.

  • Shiyan Lake Ecological Park


    It has Hunan's first zoo with wild animals, and was named as “Shiyan Lake Ecotourism Development Zone” by the Changsha government.

  • Yang Kaihui Memorial Hall


    The memorial hall contains a museum documenting Yang’s life and accomplishments, a martyr’s cemetery, and her former residence.

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Realizing dreams in Changsha county

Changsha county has developed fast in recent years.

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