Changsha strives to integrate student healthcare with school education

Updated: 2019-04-08

Changsha county in Hunan province recently released a work program to enhance health promotion in schools.

According to the program, Changsha plans to strengthen health promotion in 100 schools, of which 10 have been selected as demonstration sites to promote their education models around the whole county.

To improve the physical and mental health of students and teachers, the program will be carried out under the guidance of the local government with support from the education and health departments.

Beilei Primary School was one of the schools in the county that have implemented the health promotion program.

The school has various sports facilities, such as an outdoor football field and an indoor basketball court, where students can take part in exercises. There is also a psychological consultation room that features sandplay therapy tools and boxing facilities where students can receive mental health advice and release pressure. The school also has classrooms for teaching dancing, calligraphy, and handicrafts, that also host its anti-drug promotion events. Every student can join one club according to their own interests and every week, students at the school can learn more about health at the physical education class.

Activities such as spreading "influenza prevention tips" have also been arranged to help students develop healthy habits. Slogan, cartoons, and other forms of health information have been posted around the school.

At the medical room, school physicians are able to provide basic medical supplies and emergency services to ensure student safety. At the dining hall, students can eat healthy and safe food, while maintaining a balanced diet.

The school also encourages parents to learn more about health through home visits, parents' meetings, and WeChat groups. Special organizations have also been invited to carry out public health activities at the school to make a concerted effort for helping students' health.

Changsha strives to integrate student healthcare with school education

A student takes part in sandplay therapy under a teacher’s guidance to release pressure at Beilei Primary School. [Photo provided to]

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