Small smart manhole covers play big role

Updated: 2019-04-03

Manhole covers produced by Jinlong Zhizao Science and Technology Co Ltd are well-received in markets that they operate in. They enjoyed a high market share in China and were sold to 32 countries and regions around the world.

Jinlong, located in Jinlong town, Changsha county, has provided products for many well-known projects. A total of 483 manhole covers produced by the company were used on the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge. The company has also signed an agreement to sell its smart manhole covers and underground pipe network monitoring system to Nanjing South New Town project.

Founded in 1993 by entrepreneur Chang Yingxiang, Jinlong originally produced ductile iron manhole covers and entered the market with its self-owned intellectual property. As of now, its products are sold to 175 cities around the world, generating an annual output value of 550 million yuan ($81.97 million).

Zhu Shixiang, general manager of Jinlong, explained that the company's success lied in their qualified and advanced products, as well as the favorable business environment created by the government.

In 2016, Changsha carried out the strategy to build itself into national smart manufacturing center which inspired Jinlong when it was stuck with developmental problems. In 2017, the company decided to produce smart products to move up to the top of the industrial chain.

At the company's exhibition hall, Zhu recommended the manhole covers used on the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge. With a diameter of 70 centimeters, the cover possesses a number of functions, such as prevention of theft and monitoring of sewage components.

The company was enlisted as a major enterprise that the government would provide support and in February of 2019, it was designated as a sentinel procurement site by the government of Changsha county.

The support from the government has helped the company gain more popularity. Zhu said that there were more cities and governmental units eager to cooperate with them. By the end of 2017, 500 cities showed their intentions to build smart cities, which have created broad market prospects for the company.

Small smart manhole covers play big role

Zhu Shixiang, general manager of Jinlong Zhizao Science and Technology Co Ltd, recommends the smart manhole covers produced by their company in Changsha county on Mar 31.[Photo/]


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