100 people trained to teach balloon volleyball

Updated: 2019-03-06

100 people trained to teach balloon volleyball

The 2019 Social Sports Instructor Training Program is held on Feb 24 in Changsha county. [Photo by Zhang Di/]

The 2019 Social Sports Instructor Training Program held on Feb 24 in Changsha county attracted nearly 100 people interested in learning how to teach balloon volleyball.

All participants passed theory and practical teaching exams and were honored with the title of "second-class balloon volleyball social instructor".

Balloon volleyball is a type of leisure sport suitable for players of all ages with proper training.

People in Changsha county have been getting increasingly involved in the sport, giving rise to a higher demand for coaches.

The instructor training program this year was sponsored by the local culture, sports, broadcasting, and television bureau and organized by the county culture and sports service center.

"This training program meets people's exercise needs and strengthens the development of social coach teams," said a worker at the culture and sports center. The balloon volleyball contest has become popular among communities since it was first held last year. This training program was only designed for 70 players, but around 100 people ended up signing up.

In addition to balloon volleyball, Changsha county also plans to start training programs for Taichi, badminton, and basketball this year. Everyone who successfully completed the training program will help coach these sports with their respective companies and promote fitness across the entire nation.

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