12 bicycle stops installed on Xingsha Avenue

Updated: 2019-03-01

12 bicycle stops installed on Xingsha Avenue

A cyclist rests at a newly installed bicycle stop. [Photo by Sheng Lei/]

Twelve bicycle stops were recently built alongside Xingsha Avenue in Changsha county.

The rest stop next to the county's broadcasting and TV station is 10 meters long. The main body is composed of steel and wood and the floor is made up of ceramic particles. It also has an acrylic plate roof where cyclists can shield themselves from the rain and heat. Bike racks and stone benches are also offered.

According to Changsha's municipal regulations, Changsha county's urban management bureau started building demonstration blocks and renovating Xingsha Avenue last year. The program is aimed at tackling city problems, providing convenience for people, and improving the city's image. Traffic and spaces will be improved, and Xingsha Avenue will be built into an Avenue of Stars.

Changsha county is also introducing smart infrastructure. It will rebuild smart bus stations and expand green belts between sidewalks. It has added rest stops, pavilions, sidewalks, and cycling tracks beside already green land. "We built the bicycle stops to provide shelter and a place to rest for the rapidly increasing number of walkers and cyclists, turning the city into a more people-oriented place," said an employee at the urban management bureau.

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