Foreign trade flourishes in key development zone

Updated: 2018-12-25

The Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone in Changsha county grew 21 percent to achieve a total of $3.69 billion in imports and exports from January to November, surpassing the annual target of $3.66 billion a whole month ahead of schedule.

According to statistics provided by Hunan province, the development zone's foreign trade momentum remains very strong.

Driving forces behind the development include Sany Group, Bosch Automotive Products Changsha Co Ltd, and Lens Technology (Changsha). All three companies made strides in their respective fields of engineering machinery, automobiles and auto parts, and electronics and information technology.

Companies new to the zone also contributed a lot to its development. For example, Hunan Gold Group Co Ltd, a company focused on the exploitation of metal mineral resources, has achieved $45.78 million in imports and exports over the past 11 months, a sharp increase of 657 percent over the previous months. The figure is expected to hit $50 million by the end of this year.

As of this month, the development zone houses seven enterprises with a total import-export value of over $100 million. Enterprises include GAC Fiat Chrysler Automobile Co Ltd and Bosch Automotive Products Changsha Co Ltd.

Foreign trade flourishes in key development zone

Customs clearance speeds up as foreign trade grows rapidly. [Photo by Zheng Jun/]

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