Changsha county's geospatial framework approved

Updated: 2018-12-12

A program for building a digital geospatial framework for Changsha county passed review by a panel of judges on Dec 1, and was determined to be at a globally-advanced level.

The Digital Changsha County Time and Space Information Cloud Platform went online the same day.

The geospatial framework serves as a "highway" within the geographic information industry, playing an important role in government administration, planning compilations, safeguarding national security, and creating an environmentally-friendly society.

Costing more than 70 million yuan ($10.1 million), the program has made remarkable progress in developing a database, public service platform, and data set. The 10 most effective practices facilitating this development have been publicized for widespread use.

The program makes use of all kinds of geographic information resources in Changsha county and has built a unified spatio-temporal big data center. Because of this, the county's various departments can share data and collaborate more efficiently. The program has helped increase government service quality and assisted in the creation of a smart city. The program has also been successfully applied in waterworks, planning, engineering, construction, and investment promotion, according to an official.

The panel was led by Zheng Jianlong, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a professor at Changsha University of Science & Technology. The panel suggested establishing a mechanism for continuous data updates and making the most of the technology to benefit the people.

Changsha county's geospatial framework approved

A meeting on Changsha county's geospatial framework is held on Dec 1. [Photo by Luo Zhan/]

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