First intelligent parking lot opens in Changsha county

Updated: 2018-11-22

First intelligent parking lot opens in Changsha county
The parking lot allows cars to be automatically parked. [Photo by Zhang Di/]

With 190 spaces and allowing multiple payment methods, Changsha county's first intelligent parking lot is now open for soft operations.

Located at the intersection of Bancang Road and Sanyi Road, the park is easily accessed with four entrances/exits, allowing four drivers to park or pick up their cars at the same time. Thanks to an advanced conveyor system, they just need to wait at the gates as the whole process goes on automatically within the park. The construction cost more than 20 million yuan ($2.9 million) and was funded by Changsha (County) Xingcheng Development Group. The space covers 487 square meters and is 23.86 meters high, consisting of 10 layers categorized by size to accommodate various types of vehicles.

Parking is free during trial operations. After it is open for business, it will be free for up to 30 minutes, 10 yuan for less than three hours, 20 yuan for no more than 12 hours, and 40 yuan for between 12 and 24 hours.

First intelligent parking lot opens in Changsha county

Vehicles can stop at the entrance of the intelligent parking lot and wait to be conveyed into it and parked. [Photo by Zhang Di/]

Military and police vehicles, fire-fighting trucks, ambulances and municipal emergency cars can park for free, according to a park manager.

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