Xinjiang Ecological Manor

Updated: 2018-10-19

Xinjiang Ecological Manor

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Xinjiang Ecological Manor covers an area of 1,100 mu (73.3 hectares), and was built from an investment of 120 million yuan ($17.29 million). The manor is divided into eight different parts, including the reception center, the flower viewing area, the green fruit and vegetable planting experience area, the special plants viewing area, the grape growing and picking area, the riding club, the sports center, the agricultural culture exhibition hall and the outdoor training base.

Indoor and outdoor racecourses, tennis courts, badminton courts, table tennis courts, cycle tracks, a fishing center, a swimming center and a children's playground are on-site for tourists to have fun. The manor is also equipped with natural pasture, wine cellars, a mahjong room, and a karaoke room.

Xinjiang Ecological Manor is a modern farm integrating agricultural leisure and sightseeing, agricultural planting and agricultural processing. It creates agricultural brands, arranges the employment of farmers and promotes agricultural science and technology to beautify the rural environment and develop the rural economy. The manor has been awarded many honors in recent years, including placing in the National Top 10 Farms.


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