Changsha county pulls in 319m yuan from tourism during ‘Golden Week’

Updated: 2018-10-11

Changsha county pulls in 319m yuan from tourism during ‘Golden Week’

Huirun International Camping Base holds a parent-child carnival to celebrate the National Day holiday. [Photo provided by Huirun International Camping Base]

Changsha county received a total of 701,600 tourists, bringing in up to 319 million yuan ($46.14 million) during the seven-day National Day holiday, according to the Changsha County Tourism Bureau.

Country tours, Red tourism, outdoor camping, and experiencing folk customs are popular among tourists, attracting many locals and people from surrounding cities and counties. Travel consumption per capita and comprehensive benefits in Changsha county have improved significantly.

The parent-child carnival of Huirun International Camping Base, cultural tea activities of Xiangfeng Tea Garden, natural scenic spots such as Tianhua Mountain and Songya Lake, and former residences of celebrities were popular among tourists around the world. The most unique activity is feeding a baby tiger at the Sanzhen Tiger Zoo.

During the seven-day holiday, Jinxiu Jiangnan ecological farm used unique straw art to attract a total of 80,000 visitors, bringing in 1.2 million yuan. Xunlong River Eco Art Town launched outdoor activities that attracted more than 3,500 visitors. Tianhua Mountain Scenic Spot, a new national 3A-level tourist attraction, received nearly 4,000 tourists, while Huangxing Memorial Hall received an average of 2,000 visitors every day.

The Changsha County Tourism Bureau adopted the duty system to ensure the smooth operation of scenic spots and tourism enterprises. One or two staff members are on duty in the office every day to handle travel information. There were no complaints related to tourism in the county during the National Day holiday.

Changsha county pulls in 319m yuan from tourism during ‘Golden Week’

Tourists are allowed to play with baby tigers at the Sanzhen Tiger Zoo. [Photo by Jiang Lian/]

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