Changsha airport launches intelligent self-service

Updated: 2018-09-30

Changsha airport launches intelligent self-service

A passenger checks in on a self-customs clearance machine through face recognition at Changsha Huanghua International Airport. [Photo/]

Changsha Huanghua International Airport has launched a series of intelligent programs, such as self-verification, face recognition, and self-customs clearance, to provide passengers with a more comfortable and convenient experience.

Passengers can pass through security and board through self-verification and face recognition, shortening customs clearance and queue time. According to staff of Huanghua Airport, self-verification and face recognition kiosks are located at one security inspection point and one boarding gate in Terminal 1.

Also, a self-service express clearance channel has been placed in Terminal 2 to help passengers check in and transport luggage without help from staff. The self-clearance system, using advanced technology and offering full-time service every day, can improve people's travel experience, reduce labor costs, and increase the efficiency of airport management.

Passengers can check-in, receive their boarding pass, and complete electronic boarding pass scanning, passenger and baggage photography, baggage weighing, baggage strip printing, and more in the self-clearance channel.

In addition, Huanghua Airport has set up a self-inquiry terminal, where passengers can scan tickets or ID cards for baggage turntables, flight information, and guidance services. Intelligent services, such as subdivision boarding, AI customer service, and robot customer service, will also benefit passengers.

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