Changsha surges ahead in 13th Hunan Provincial Games

Updated: 2018-09-11

Changsha surges ahead in 13th Hunan Provincial Games

The opening ceremony of the 13th Sport Games of Hunan Province is held at the Hengyang Sports Center on Sept 4. [Photo by Wang Zhiwei/]

On Sept 4, the first day of the 13th Sports Games of Hunan Province, the Changsha delegation won a total of 16 gold medals, among which eight were in the youth division and eight were in the adult division.

In the youth division, athletes from Changsha have won first in male gymnastics, male taekwondo, and rowing. The women's fencing team won first place in the foil and epee team competition, and the men's tennis team won gold medals in the team finals. The adult division of the Changsha delegation also won eight medals in bridge, swimming, table tennis, and basketball.

The Changsha delegation, consisting of 1,273 athletes, is competing in all events except for water polo at the provincial games and has won 55 gold medals to date, ranking first among all cities.

Li Ping, deputy head of the Changsha delegation, attended the provincial games and said that in the future, Changsha will take action to improve facilities for sports venues and promote the further development of mass and youth sports in Changsha.

The 13th Sports Games of Hunan Province are hosted by the Hunan Provincial People's Government and are sponsored by the Hunan Sports Bureau, Hengyang people's government, and Shaoyang people's government. The youth competition in Hengyang city and adult competition in Shaoyang city are held from Aug 18 to Sept 14. The youth division has 25 events with a total of 684 gold medals, while the adult group has 14 events with 101 gold medals.

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