Enjoy life at the green lotus pond in Changsha county

(Enjoy life at the green lotus pond in Changsha county)
Updated: 2018-08-24

Enjoy life at the green lotus pond in Changsha county

A beautiful lotus blooms in Yuyue Villa. [Photo by Jiang Lian/]

Green lotus leaves spread as far as a boundless sky and pink lotus blossoms simmer in the sun. Beautiful summer views such as this can be seen every day in Yuyue Villa in Changsha county.

A 300-mu (20ha) lotus pond and a 300-meter corridor are perfect for tourists wishing to take pictures and admire the scenery in Yuyue Villa, Fanlin Village, Gaoqiao town, which is about an hour drive from the county town.

Frogs croaking in the pond, egrets soaring through the sky, and a faint fragrance in the breeze compose a spectacular summer picture along with green lotus leaves and blooming lotus.

In addition to admiring the lotus, visitors can also taste various local agricultural foods in the villa, such as lotus root tip and lotus seed wine.

Chen Li, the owner of Yuyue Villa, said that the lotus flowers take different forms throughout the day, and the best time to admire them is from 9 am to 10 am, as the lotus are in full bloom at this time.

People hoping to visit can make an appointment in advance by calling 13974914703.

Enjoy life at the green lotus pond in Changsha county

A 300-meter corridor in the villa gives visitors a place to rest and enjoy the view. [Photo by Jiang Lian/]

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