Autopay service introduced in Changsha Huanghua Airport parking lot

Updated: 2018-08-10

The Hunan Changsha Huanghua Airport parking lot introduced an automatic payment service through UnionPay on Aug 7, making it the first intelligent parking lot in Changsha.

The automatic payment service combines license plate recognition with bank card payment. Parking fees can be automatically deducted on the UnionPay card without scanning a QR code or being paid in cash, after registering one's UnionPay card account and license plate number with a mobile phone.

The autopay service was developed by China UnionPay, Hunan Airport Industrial Co, and Hangzhou Reformer Company. People only need to sign up once by linking their UnionPay card and conducting security verification to enjoy the autopay service permanently. The autopay service can reduce processing time for each vehicle from 10 seconds to less than two.

An automatic bus ticketing service is also expected to be operational at the airport by the end of August. Passengers will be able to buy bus tickets to anywhere in Hunan through the Unionpay app on their mobile phones.

In the future, China UnionPay will maintain its close cooperation with Hunan Airport Industrial Co to promote its UnionPay Card Platinum parking service.

Autopay service introduced in Changsha Huanghua Airport parking lot

Automatic payment service is introduced at the Hunan Huanghua Airport parking lot. Parking fees can be deducted from UnionPay cards through the UnionPay app on mobile phones. [Photo/]


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