Intelligent logistics park project launched in Changsha county

Updated: 2018-08-09

Intelligent logistics park project launched in Changsha county

Employees of Greenery Fruit Group pick grapes at the plantation. [Photo/]

The Greenery Fruit Group's modern intelligent logistics park project, costing a total of about 286 million yuan ($41.8 million), was approved by the Changsha Airport Economic Area in June and has recently received funding, policy, and land use support after the government's investigation.

The project is designed as an intelligent logistics center as well as an import and export fruit display and trading center. It will build and share a global import and export fruit industrial supply chain platform with the help of Alibaba, Lenovo Javo, Pagoda, etc.

The Greenery Fruit Group is a local modern agricultural enterprise that specializes in ecological agriculture, sightseeing, seedling breeding, and planting. With technical support provided by Hunan Agricultural University and its own marketing network platform, Greenery Fruit has realized the integration of production, supply and marketing.

An official on the management committee of the National Modern Agriculture Pilot Area of Changsha County said that supporting leading agricultural enterprises, such as Greenery Fruit Group, can help in the formation of an advantageous cluster of modern agricultural industries in Changsha county and increase the benefits of the county's distinct agriculture industry.

Changsha seeks to revive porcelain production

In recent years, the local government has sought to revive the region's long tradition in porcelain making and boost local industry with the cultural influence of ancient Tongguan kilns, which have a history of 1,200 years.

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