All-in-one service implemented in Changsha county

Updated: 2018-08-06

Changsha county implemented an all-in-one service mechanism through its new grid service management system in the Xingsha Street area to improve administrative governance and management.

Citizens only need to submit materials at their nearest community grid platform one time. After the data is examined and approved, the registration will be completed, taking less than half a day. Approval certificates will be delivered straight to people's doors by social workers.

Mrs Wu, owner of Nanshi Supermarket, wanted to hold a promotional event for the 10th anniversary of her store, and she received her registration certificate for setting up temporary outdoor advertising from a social worker just a few hours after submitting the proper materials.

Xingsha Street is currently using the grid management platform to implement all-in-one service reform and provide people with more convenient services.

Grid service management refers to a digital service management model for certain areas that makes full use of modern digital information grid technology to bring together people, places, and social service resources for systematic adjustment.

All-in-one service implemented in Changsha county

A social worker in the Xingsha Street area delivers a registration certificate to Mrs Wu, the owner of Nanshi Supermarket, just a few hours after she submitted her application form through the new grid service management system. [Photo/]

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