Electronic health record established in Changsha county

Updated: 2018-05-17

Electronic health record established in Changsha county
Xia Yu holds a meeting on the EHR system for rural residents. [Photo/]

Xia Yu, head of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital in Changsha county, has devoted a great deal of effort to establishing the electronic health record (EHR) for women and children in the county.

This is not his first attempt to build a health data platform. He led the EHR project for rural residents in Fulin town as the director of Fulin Central Hospital. The electronic health archive benefitted 30,000 villagers in 2010 and greatly improved the level of medical services in basic level hospitals.

EHR is a lifelong personal health records stored in computer systems with personal services, security and confidentiality. Personal health information in EHR includes basic information, a summary of major diseases and health issues, and records of major health services.

Xia said that modern medical care should shift from illness treatment alone to health management and construction of rural health informatization for villagers. The EHR will make it convenient for both doctors and patients, reduce unnecessary inspections and ensure accurate medical treatment.

Realizing dreams in Changsha county

Changsha county has developed fast in recent years.

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