Vary Tech shines at 19th intl environment expo

Updated: 2018-05-15

Vary Tech shines at 19th intl environment expo

The 19th IE Expo China was held in Shanghai from May 3 to 5. [Photo/]

New products and projects of Vary Tech attracted a great deal of attention at the 19th IE Expo China which was held from May 3 to May 5.

Hunan Vary Tech Co is a well-recognized leading recycling equipment manufacturer and solution provider in China and also an important enterprise in the National Economic & Technological Development Zone in Changsha county.

The municipal solid waste recycling machine on display can turn household waste into organic fertilizer or other resources with commercial qualities. The domestically-innovated technology of scrap steel & ELV recycling equipment shown at the expo is world-leading, and the exhibited international recycling economic industrial chain of renewable resource project is popular as an innovative solution to the problem of imported waste.

Vary Tech shines at 19th intl environment expo

The staff of Hunan Vary Tech Co, Ltd is ready to exhibit new products at the 19th IE expo in Shanghai. [Photo/]

During the exhibition, Vary Tech reached cooperation intentions with dozens of customers and further enhanced its reputation.

The IE Expo is a professional exhibition of environmental solutions presented by IFAT. This year, it gathered 1,762 enterprises of 16 countries and regions, a new record. Among these enterprises, Vary Tech's research production was especially remarkable.

Vary Tech shines at 19th intl environment expo

New products and projects draw the attention of many spectators. [Photo/]

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