Pipeline robots benefit sewer inspection in Changsha county

Updated: 2018-05-10

Pipeline robots benefit sewer inspection in Changsha county

A worker controls a pipeline inspection robot remotely by computer. [Photo/]

Pipeline inspection robots have for the first time been introduced to Changsha county to explore sewer damage and facilitate manual cleaning. The robots can accurately detect sewer problems and protect workers' safety.

The robots have a 360 degree rotation detection camera in the front with four lights, a lift rack in the middle for sewers at different heights, and a sensor that can transfer images to a computer. All workers need to do is click the mouse to give the order.

There are different kinds of noxious gases in sanitary sewer manholes which often do great harm to workers. So using robots to inspect pipelines before manual cleaning ensures worker safety and also raises work efficiency.

Fan Bin, a maintenance department staff of the urban management bureau of Changsha county, said that the government section will next apply the intelligent devices for desilting after using them to conduct a comprehensive inspection of city's sewers.

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