19 public participation tree planting bases open free to residents

Updated: 2018-03-09

Changsha county's 19 tree planting bases have launched a spring voluntary forestation activity, according to the local bureau of agriculture and forestry.

The bases are divided into three levels, one at the city level, 10 at the county level and eight at the town level. All people and companies can plant trees there by reservation up to Mar 31 with free admission, tools and saplings provided.

Changsha county plans to plant 1.5 million trees by public participation this year and finish six key greening projects. Green city construction will be strongly promoted by establishing nine urban parks, 17 rural parks, one city-level green demonstration town, 12 pilot villages and communities, and 667 green households. Local highway greening will be increased by 50 km and 190 km of green demonstration roads will be under normal maintenance.

By the end of 2018, the increased urban greening area is expected to have reached 60 hectares, making Changsha county one of the counties with the best ecological environment.

Last year, Changsha county carried out 57 major green projects and increased green land area by 44.7 hectares. It established 17 rural parks and built a 40-km belt of fire-resistant forest. In the spring public forestation activity, more than 1.5 million trees were planted and over 95 percent are growing stably.

Experts suggest that locals plant trees on days without wind or rain. Watering is important after trees start growing and fertilization is also advisable if conditions allow.

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