Lantern Festival celebrations in Changsha

Updated: 2018-02-27

Lantern Festival celebrations in Changsha

Lantern Festival celebrations in Changsha Visitors take photos at the first light festival at the Jinxiu Jiangnan Ecological Resort in Jiangbei town, Changsha county. [Photo by Zhang Yangzi/]

Watching lantern shows and guessing lantern riddles have long been Chinese Lantern Festival traditions. Falling on March 2 this year, the festival will usher in a series of colorful activities in Changsha.

Jinxiu Jiangnan Ecological Resort

The first light festival opened at the Jinxiu Jiangnan Ecological Resort in Jiangbei town, Changsha county, on Feb 25. Nearly 10,000 tourists joined the big party that night, lingering among lanterns of cartoon and fairy tale figures. The fairy tale castle, love arch bridge and space tunnel were the most popular backgrounds for selfies.

With a price of 40 yuan ($6.34) for an adult and 20 yuan for a student, the light festival will last to March 31. Besides, over 200 mu (13.33 hectares) of red cherry trees will be in full blossom in the resort in March, which will add more charm for tourists.

Liuyang River First Bay Scenic Spot

The 2,000-sq-m periphery of the Daxi Island was recently surrounded with blue lights as the first Liuyang River Aquatic Light Art Festival opened at the Liuyang River First Bay Scenic Spot, set to last until March. Apart from a dazzling light show, delicacies from all around the country can be sampled.

Lantern Festival celebrations in Changsha

Lantern shows in Changsha attract many tourists as Lantern Festival comes closer. [Photo by Wang Zhiwei/]

Orange Island Beach Park

The 2018 Orange Island Lantern Carnival is being held at the Orange Island Beach Park and will last to March 2. Nearly 50 large-scale themed light performances created by inheritors of intangible cultural heritage from Zigong in Sichuan province and over 40 characteristic lighting sets are on show. Moreover, the carnival will organize a sand sculpture exhibition showcasing landmarks of different countries and regions along the ancient Silk Road and scenes of ancient prosperity.

Xunlong River Cherry Valley

Lasting to April 7, the lantern show at the Xunlong River Cherry Valley features a 666 m giant dragon composed of colorful lanterns. Tourists can appreciate nine themed light shows offering best wishes in love, family, career, health and luck while walking inside the “body” of the dragon.

The 300 mu (20 hectares) cherry trees and 1,000 mu rape flowers will bloom in the near future, which will add even more fun to the local tours.

Ningxiang Sea Cube

A Lantern Festival gala will be held at the Ningxiang Sea Cube on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month which falls on March 2 this year. Traditional celebrations such as lantern-riddle guessing, lion dancing and stilts walking will be on show. The gala this year emphasizes developing children’s manipulative abilities. Making lanterns, sweet dumplings and drawing the Monster Nian in their own minds can all be experienced by children at the tourist attraction.


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