Changsha county readies for travel rush

Updated: 2018-02-05

A total of 1,600 passengers are expected to depart from Changsha county's Xingsha Coach Station on Feb 1, the first day of this year's Spring Festival travel rush, which will last until March 12.

According to the Changsha county transport bureau, 70,000 travelers will depart from the Xingsha station during the 40-day travel rush around the Spring Festival, which falls on Feb 16 this year.

At present, all bus routes are operating as normal, with 49 inter-city buses in operation and two back-ups. Authorities pledge to add more buses and routes according to the actual situation, to cope with the surging demand.

In light of the bitter weather, Xingsha Coach Station is also providing various personalized services such as sending tickets to schools and local enterprises.

In addition, booking tickets online or through its official WeChat account is also available. Passengers in special needs are offered VIP waiting rooms and guidance and consultation service.

To ensure travel safety, Changsha authorities have strengthened supervision and examination of vehicles, using 24-hour police shifts.

Changsha county readies for travel rush

Changsha county traffic police check bus drivers' documents and certificates, aiming to improve travel safety. [Photo by Sheng Lei/]

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