New forest park added to Changsha

Updated: 2017-11-08

Beishan Forest Park in Changsha county opened to the public on Nov 3, giving residents and visitors a new place to relax and enjoy themselves among nature.

Governmental officials, photographers, literature and art enthusiasts and locals attended the opening day, looking forward to getting a fresh look and perspective of the forest and mountains.

New forest park added to Changsha

Beishan Forest Park in Beishan town of Changsha county opens to the public on Nov 3. [Photo by Zhang Di/]

Approved by Hunan provincial government in August, 2013, Beishan Forest Park covers more than 3,375 hectares, 3,008 hectares of which are blanked with trees and plants.

It features vast greenery, excellent air quality, fantastically shaped rocks and stones, and clear brooks and streams winding through mountain paths down into a flower valley.

Presently, galsang flowers are in full bloom in the valley nestled in the forest park, attracting large crowds.

New forest park added to Changsha

Flowers are in full bloom in the flower valley, nestled in Beishan Forest Park, Changsha county. [Photo/]

With its gorgeous landscapes and improved infrastructure, Changsha county has experienced an increasing number of tourists in recent years.

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