Intangible cultural heritages well preserved in Changsha

Updated: 2017-09-30

Three Changsha county-born people have entered the shortlist of the third batch of inheritors of Changsha's intangible cultural heritage, it was recently announced by the Changsha culture, radio, television, press and publications bureau.

Yu Xiaoping and Yang Shide are well recognized for their inheritance, preservation and promotion of Changsha folk songs, or shange in Chinese, which are sung in the fields during or after work, while Wu Jingang enters the list for his traditional dragon dance.

The 61-year-old folk singer Yu Xiaoping lives at the foot of Shizi Mountain, in Beishan town. He learned to sing local songs from his father and grandfathers when he was only 10 years old.

Yu is a living treasure trove of Beishan intangible cultural heritage.

Yu has been collecting and storing folk songs since 2011. Some senior locals could not read or write, so Yu visited them in their houses, listening and recording what they sang.

Intangible cultural heritages well preserved in Changsha

Yu Xiaoping (R), an inheritor of intangible cultural heritage, sings folk songs with his partner in Beishan town, Changsha county. [Photo/]

With several notebooks filled with notes and lyrics and three years of collection and filing, Yu published a book of Beishan Folk Songs in July, 2014, including 40 representative works.

Yu's effort to safeguard intangible cultural heritage was confirmed by Yang Shide, another inheritor of local songs.

Yang, 72, was born to a well-known family of folk singers, and performed the distinctive art form for some 50 years. In addition to passing down the original works, Yang also passed on his knowledge to apprentices, organized exchange activities and research groups to dig into the culture.

Intangible cultural heritages well preserved in Changsha

Yang Shide, an inheritor of folk songs in Changsha county, plays erhu (a Chinese two-stringed bowed instrument) to accompany his folk song singing. [Photo/]

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