Flying rice field dragon soars in Jiangbei

Updated: 2017-09-21

A rice field in Jiangbei town, Changsha county, has been used as a canvas on which a wondrous flying dragon has been sown.

The giant artwork measures as big as 16 football fields combined and has been made possible by Tushengqing, a local agricultural technology enterprise.

To create the artistic design, the company planted five different varieties of rice, all of which ripen to different colors from green to deep purple.

Flying rice field dragon soars in Jiangbei

A giant flying dragon is sown into paddy field in Jiangbei town, Changsha county. [Photo by Zeng Shiyi/]

It's the largest and most exquisite artwork of its kind that have been created on a field in Changsha, according to Chen Wenke, an official at the company.

A 20-meter-high observation deck has been erected for visitors to get a bird's eye view of the dragon, which is accompanied by a giant squirrel and slogans.

It is the second time that such a design has been created in Jianbei town in order to attract tourists and boost local economic development.

Flying rice field dragon soars in Jiangbei

An artwork based on Avalokitesvara, the Goddess of Infinite Compassion, adorns a paddy field in Changsha county. [Photo by Zeng Shiyi/]

The first batch of field creations attracted thousands of tourists, bringing in 50,000 yuan ($7,606) in ticket sales. At the same time, takings increased in the local catering industry.

The field artwork is the latest in a series of steps being taken by the local government to create a better environment for tourism in the town, including fishing and other rural experiences.

Visitors can appreciate the flying field dragon of Jiangbei town until the end of October.

Flying rice field dragon soars in Jiangbei

Jiangbei town in Changsha county invites professional art team to create designs on local paddy fields in an effort to promote rural tourism and economic development. [Photo/]

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