Tourists eligible to purchase duty free in Hunan

Updated: 2017-09-04

Central China's Hunan province started to issue overseas travelers with tax refunds at ports of departure in Changsha and Zhangjiajie, from Sept 1, Changsha Evening News reported.

Overseas visitors and those from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan who visit the Chinese mainland for no more than 183 days are eligible for an 11 percent rebate on value added tax (VAT) for consumer goods purchased at designated department stores – also known as duty free.

The minimum purchase for the rebate is 500 yuan ($76.28) from one store per day. The refund is valid for purchases made within 90 days before departure.

Currently, a dozen specific shops are qualified for the policy in the Central China's province, including Times Outlets (Changsha), and Hunan Friendship & Apollo Commercial. Most of them are large scale Hunan-based enterprises and characteristic tourist commodities shops.

The duty free program will be conducive to promote Hunan overseas travel business, and stimulate development in industries of finance, logistics, and foreign trades, according to local media.

Changsha Customs said that inbound tourists who carry goods eligible for a tax refund must remember to take the refund form with the items to the customs office at the airport for stamping before departure at the certain ports.

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