Grape festival to get underway in Changsha

Updated: 2017-08-08

Qingshanpu town, known for having the sweetest grapes in Changsha county, will celebrate its annual grape festival from Aug 12.

The festival, which has been held in the area for four consecutive years, features a vast variety of fun activities including a photography competition which has been added this year.

The town has vineyards covering an area the size of almost 60 football fields, with the Qixin and Shuguangshancheng being the two major vineyards for the festival.

Apart from picking and then immediately savoring the sweetness of Qingshanpu grapes, at Qixin vineyard there is also a grape culture exhibition hall showcasing the history of grape cultivation, varieties, planting methods, picking and products.

The vineyard has also introduced some vegetables from the Space Breeding Center in Gansu province, such as peppers, cucumbers and eggplants. It aims to promote science popularization education among students through giving them agricultural classes.

To add yet more fun, Qixin vineyard will hold a wine splashing activity for young adults, similar to those held in western countries.

For people who want try their hand at making wine, Shuguangshancheng will hold a parent-child party, where parents and their children can make wine together.

Families will also be able to pick fresh fruit and vegetables and sell them in communities, with all revenue donated to lower income families in Qingshanpu town.

The grape festival is expected to boost local tourism and farmers' income in Qingshanpu town.

Grape festival to get underway in Changsha

Early bird buyers pick fresh grapes in Qingshanpu town, Changsha county. [Photo by Sheng Lei/]

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