Shaoshan Takes Poverty Alleviation Initiatives

Updated: 2017-07-17

"The campaign of building beautiful countryside attracts tourists to rural areas and increases farmers’ income." Shaoshan Vice Mayor Mao Yafeng told a journalist who is attending the National Online Media in Hunan. Mao noted that the campaign helps more people escape from poverty.

The flourishing Shaoshan tourism industry has become the most important way to end poverty of the city.

Shaoshan Takes Poverty Alleviation Initiatives
Many tourists visit Chairman Mao Zedong's residence.

Located in east center of Hunan, Shaoshan is the hometown of Chairman Mao and a national revolutionary site.

Building beautiful countryside expands tourism services, and fuels local economic development.

Shaoshan tourism service has improved rapidly. In the near future, Shaoshan will accelerate all-for-one tourism. "We will integrate ‘red tourism’ with culture; science and technology; agriculture; and, education to broaden the channels of prospering farmers and to achieve poverty eradication." Shaoshan Municipal Tourism and Development Commission Director Guo Weiguo added.

"Red tourism" features visits to historical sites with a revolutionary legacy.

Shaoshan Takes Poverty Alleviation Initiatives
Waterfront Restaurant in Pingli Village


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