Connections to Huanghua Airport lit up

Updated: 2017-07-15

Bridges, toll stations and roads surrounding Huanghua International Airport in Changsha were lit up recently, with the installation of street lights.

Some eight bridges along East Renmin Road as well as 20 other places connecting with the airport, including ZijingCheng and Hudiegu, two developments near the airport, were brightened up.

Connections to Huanghua Airport lit up

A plane takes off from Huanghua International Airport. [Photo/]

Located in Huanghua town, 25 kilometers to the city center of Changsha, Huanghua International Airport is the largest and best-equipped airport in Hunan province, and is capable of handling 4,600,000 passengers every year.

Connections to Huanghua Airport lit up

The economic zone near the airport is newly lit up. [Photo/]


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