Changsha county ablaze with flowering fields

Updated: 2017-03-10

With the arriving spring, brightly colored rape flowers are coming into bloom and attracting a large number of visitors and photographers to Changsha county.

The festival received 200,000 guests last year and organizers hope to expand on the successful event this time around.

Changsha county boasts more than 8,000 hectares of rape flowers fields scattered around the towns of Jiangbei, Chunhua, Jinjing and Kaihui towns. One highlight is Chunhua town's Baixi, which is located at the north of Changsha county, and hosts a rape flower festival in its expansive fields.

The festival has diversified its offerings in an attempt to gain broader interest and has added new activities such as a football game, a chicken-catching competition, face painting, and a poetry writing competition.

"In its second year, the festival opened on March 8," said Wu Gu, organizer of the event and a manager at Dongtianxiang Planting Cooperative. "We put some cartoon statues in the flower fields for visitors to take photos with."

The event will last until the rape flowers fade and grow into edible vegetable.

Changsha county ablaze with flowering fields

Baixi village in Chunhua town boasts large fields of rape flowers and is a popular attraction for visitors. [Photo/Official WeChat account of Baixi village]

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