Government officials

Updated: 2017-02-15

Government officials

Zhang Zuolin, deputy Party secretary and mayor of Changsha county

Date of birth: October, 1971

Responsibilities: Oversees all government work, and the finance, auditing and supervisory bureaus and the county defense mobilization committee.

Government officials

Wang Guoliang, member of Changsha county standing committee and deputy county mayor

Date of birth: September, 1970

Responsibilities: Assists with daily work in the government office and government affairs center; oversees economy, development and reform, tax, finance, state-owned assets, human affairs and social security, work safety, bidding and purchasing and startups. Wang also oversees the airport area and the comprehensive bonded zone, land acquisition office, the finance and tax bureaus, banks, insurance companies, securities office and the Xingsha Construction Investment and Development Co.

He is in charge of the development and reform bureau, the statistics bureau and the human resources and social security bureau. Wang also coordinates government and economic development zone work, and works with local political consultative conferences, people’s congresses, veteran cadres and the military office.

Government officials

Huang Liang, deputy county mayor

Date of birth: June, 1973

Responsibilities:Oversees development of information and industry, supervision and management of market and quality, transportation, the postal service, telecommunications, electric power and the construction of Xingsha Industrial Base.

Huang also deals with state-owned and collective enterprise reforms, major project construction, land requisition and demolition and works with local entrepreneurial association and senior technology worker association.


Government officials

Peng Chiping, deputy county mayor

Date of birth: April, 1971

Responsibilities: In charge of public security bureau, the justice system, letters bureau, emergency management, drug control and the fire brigade. Peng works with the courts, procuratorate, national security bureau and local office for combating cults and handling cult-related issues.

Government officials

Yu Mingtuan, deputy county mayor

Date of birth: April, 1971

Responsibilities: Oversees management of land and resources, planning, housing and urban-rural development work, civil air defense, major project management, urban management, real estate, housing security and funding, land resources and resettlement. He is in charge of the land and resources bureau, the urban and rural planning bureau, the urban management and administrative law enforcement bureau, the Huangxing Exhibition Economic Zone and the housing funding management center.

Government officials

Mao Kui, deputy county mayor

Date of birth: September, 1970

Responsibilities: Oversees agricultural development and rural management, urban-rural integration, environment protection, poverty relief, water affairs, civil administration and militia and reserve forces.

Mao is in charge of the modern agriculture demonstration zone, civil affairs bureau, environment protection agency, water supplies, food bureau, meteorological bureau, marketing cooperatives, ecology office, urban and rural integration and the disabled people’s association.

Government officials

Huang Zehong, deputy county mayor

Date of birth: April, 1969

Responsibilities: Oversees business invitations, modern services and exhibition industry, tourism, overseas Chinese affairs, religions and Taiwan-related affairs and works with federation of trade unions, youth league committee, women’s federation and association of industry and commerce.

Huang is in charge of the commerce bureau, tourism bureau, foreign and overseas Chinese affairs office, the administration of ethnic and religious affairs and the tobacco bureau.

Government officials

Peng Zhengqiu, deputy county mayor

Date of birth: August, 1971

Responsibilities: Oversees education, technology, culture and sports, health, family planning, radio and TV, electronic government affairs, law enforcement reform, government files and archives; major projects, land requisition and demolition. Peng also works with local trade unions, science and technology associations, the Red Cross and the Xingsha Songya Lake Business District.


Changsha seeks to revive porcelain production

In recent years, the local government has sought to revive the region's long tradition in porcelain making and boost local industry with the cultural influence of ancient Tongguan kilns, which have a history of 1,200 years.

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