Changsha prepares for rape flower festival

Updated: 2017-02-08

As the end of Spring Festival closes in, villagers in Changsha county are preparing for the next big date on the social calendar – the annual rape flower festival, to be held in March.

In its second year, the festival, which celebrates the versatile crop, is expected to be bigger and better than ever. It attracted around 200,000visitors last year.

With the recent rains coming after the Start of Spring, the year's first solar term, Baixi village farmers began furrowing channels in the rape fields to drain and run off water, allowing the plants to grow.

"The main stems of the rape flowers are growing and full blooms are expected in a month," said Wu Gu, a manager at Dongtianxiang Planting Cooperative.

To take advantage of the extra income that the festival draws in, villagers have planted 5,000 mu (333 hectares) of rape flowers, with the help of government investment.

The best time to appreciate rape flowers is in March and April.

Changsha prepares for rape flower festival

Villagers drain water from a field in Baixi village, Changsha county, to help the rape flowers grow. [Photo by Zhang Di/]

Changsha prepares for rape flower festival

The first rape flower festival held in Chunhua town, Changsha county, attracts a lot of visitors, painters and photographers. [Photo by Zeng Shiyi/]

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