Changsha county develops airport economic zone

Updated: 2016-12-16

Following in the wake of the economic opportunities created by Changsha Huanghua International Airport, Changsha county is in the process of constructing an airport economic zone.

Changsha county develops airport economic zone

The roadside sign of the airport economic zone in Changsha county. [Photo/]

This development will significantly benefit Hunan province's capital city by focusing on boosting the investment of the aviation industry in Changsha. It will also encourage the settlement of modern services with a high added value.

The economic zone will be attractive to many companies on account of its transportation connections, developed infrastructure, and dynamic investment environment.

The area has already seen the arrival of several major projects including Changsha Bailian Outlets Plaza, Hunan SF Express E-commerce Industrial Park, Prologis Logistics Center at Changsha International Airport, China Unicom, and a Hunan Branch of Okay Airways.

Changsha county develops airport economic zone

An aerial view of China Unicom's base within the airport economic zone. [Photo/]

Projects are centered on logistics, e-commerce, and aviation. They will lay firm foundations and it is hoped the economic zone will grow and attract future investment.

Transportation hub

The airport, located in the economically important Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan area, lies within a dynamic and far-reaching transport network including airways, railways and motorways. This greatly increases the connectivity between this region and some of China's leading economic areas.

Additionally, plans have been drawn up to build intercity light-rail, subway, and maglev lines to connect the area with downtown Changsha.

The area's regional and national transport links will accelerate both development and the investment of capital.

Industrial cluster

The economic zone is focused on the modern service industry and airport-related hi-tech industries. A wide range of industries have already invested in excess of 5 billion yuan ($730 million) in the region. These include companies involved in logistics, aviation, commerce and culture and sports.

This newly developed zone is located within the vicinity of 13 state-level and province-level industrial parks including Changsha National Economic and Technical Development Zone. It will host 143 of world's top 500 enterprises. It is believed the surrounding wealth of enterprising companies will aid the zone's development.

Government support

Changsha county government has promoted several favorable polices encouraging the development of the airport's economy and its modern services. These include accelerating registration and application procedures and subsidizing applicable projects.

The government has provided a host of effective public services in support of the enterprises and the local authorities also periodically meet with invested companies so as to create a cooperative and transparent working environment.


The airport zone has received an investment of more than 5 billion yuan through the cooperative infrastructure developments of China Railway Construction and Investment Group and China Minsheng Bank.

The zone is being built from scratch and the construction of main roads, electrics, and a sewage system is already underway. Other infrastructures such as gas, public transport, a park space will later be facilitated.

Changsha county develops airport economic zone

China Railway Construction and Investment Group undertakes the building of main roads in the airport economic zone in Changsha county. [Photo/]



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