Incomes scale new heights thanks to pretty fish

Updated: 2016-11-24

Liu Guojun first fell in love with fish in the year 2000. Upon clapping his eyes on the brightly colored coy carp in a public pond in Zhejiang province, he realized great business potential ahead, and so quit his factory job and set up his own ornamental fish farm in his hometown, Changsha county, Hunan province.

"That's when I first realized that fish are more than just a food source, but living works of art," says Liu.

Upon setting up his farm, Liu quickly learned that it was not as easy as buying some pretty fish and throwing them in pools of water, waiting to be sold.

"Ornamental fish are very sensitive to water temperature and quality," says Liu. "After they grow into adult fish, only then can we pick out the best-looking ones to make them marketable."

But business did not flourish straight away for Liu. At that time, Huanghua town in Changsha county was relatively poor, with little to spend on extravagances such as tropical fish. As such many investors dropped out, but Liu stayed strong.

"Ornamental fish were not very popular in Hunan province so my investment was in vain in the early stages."

Through his fortitude and perseverance, Liu began to learn a lot more about breeding techniques with the help from experts from other provinces in China.

And soon the tide began to turn, and the Liuji Ornamental Fish Farm began to turn a profit. From what once looked like a sinking ship, had now been turned into a success, thanks in part to increased disposable income in the area and greater interest in ornamental fish.

After 16 years' cultivation, his farm has expanded to 310 mu (20.67 hectares) and sells other products such as pesticides, fish feed, and aquariums. The farm now earns more than 10 million yuan ($1.45 million) annually.

Neighboring farmers have joined with his business and together they are exploring ways to branch out further. One of those branches is to attract tourists to the town, and so they have set up senior activity centers, as well as viewing area where visitors are able to admire the beautiful fish, and eat at a recently opened restaurant.

Liu hopes that one day they can develop the area into a comprehensive park integrating leisure tourism, rural experiences, and B&Bs.

Incomes scale new heights thanks to pretty fish
Liu Guojun, head of the Liuji Ornamental Fish Farm, holds a rare coy carp. [Photo/]

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