Pear orchard opens for picking in Kaihui town

Updated: 2016-07-28

A Wonwhang pear planting base in Kaihui town, Changsha county opened to visitors for fruit-picking on July 22.

The main product in the plantation is the Wonwhang pear, a medium flowering cultivar introduced from South Korea, and a popular variety in Asian markets for its juicy pulp and sweet taste.

Pear orchard opens for picking in Kaihui town

Workers pick Wonwhang pears in the planation in Kaihui town. [Photo by Zeng Shiyi /]

"Thanks to intense sunlight and rising temperatures, our pears grow fast with high sweetness," said Liu Xiaoying, the principal of this planation. Apart from its golden-bright body and juicy pulp, the Wonwhang pear also offers plentiful nutrition, including various minerals and vitamins, added Liu.

The planting base, 320 mu (21.3 hectares) in area, is the largest pear plantation in Changsha. It features multi layered mixing of the pear trees with other plants such as peanuts, yam beans and watermelons. In its special planting and cultivation area, winter jujubes and chestnut trees, as well as fauna such as black goats, chickens and ducks can be seen living in harmony.

With its rich agricultural resources, the planting base can offer visitors agriculture tours and relaxing activities such as fruit-picking and fishing.


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