Changsha county hosts lotus festival

Updated: 2016-07-15

The first lotus festival of Changsha county in Central China's Hunan province opened in Piaofeng Villa, Kaihui town on July 9, attracting over 500 visitors. Acres of lotuses are in full blossom in the villa, creating an illusion for visitors of roaming inside a pink and green painting. Besides the physical beauty of lotuses, visitors can also enjoy dishes featuring lotus ingredients such as seeds and roots.

"We have invited Xiang Huwu, a master of Hunan cuisine, to create some new dishes combining nutrition, tradition and good taste to promote the lotus culture," said Peng Zhengrong, principal of Piaofeng Villa.

The lotus festival will last for two months with a series of activities carried out together, including a photo contest, weekly BBQ parties with beer and music, a drawing competition about lotuses, family games and camping.

Lotuses in abundance can be appreciated in other places in Changsha county as well, such as Huayuan New village in Chunhua town, Xiangfeng village in Jinjing town and Gutang village in Huanghua town.

Changsha county hosts lotus festival
Lotus themed dishes. [Photo/]

Changsha county hosts lotus festival

A woman poses for a photo by the lotus pond. [Photo/]


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