Infrastructure at Langli Industrial Base

Updated: 2014-08-18

This project calls for an eastern extension of Xinghuo Rd, and Jincheng and Fuxing Rd, in the aboe-mentioned Langli industrial base, with a total length of 3,864 meters, costing around 45 million yuan. The eastern extension of Xinghuo Rd is 1,014 meters long and 20 meters wide, with four lanes, while the Jincheng Rd part will be 850 meters long and 20 meters wide, with four lanes, and the Fuxing part, 2,000 meters long and 20 meters wide, also with four lanes.

Forms of cooperation: sole proprietorship, joint venture

Project manager: Changsha Langli Urban Construction Development Co

Address: Bldg B1, Hengkai market; Dongsheng Rd, Langli, Changsha county

Postcode: 410129

Contact: Tang Likun, Zuo Hongjuan

Tel: +86(731)8680-6156, 139-7315-8333

+86(731)8680-6156, 135-4853-0369

Fax: +86(731)8680-8127

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