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Muyun Industrial Park

Updated: 2014-07-29

This is in the town of Muyun, next to the Hunan provincial government and a Changsha - Zhuzhou - Xiangtan cooperation project. Work on the industrial park began in August 2001 and it was named a national science and technology township enterprise zone. In 2004, it added the 30-sq-km Muyun New City economic development zone. It was raised to a provincial level park in 2005 and, in 2006, was approved as a provincial development zone.

The Muyun government has helped the park develop in cooperation with the cities of Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan, with an expanded urban infrastructure. By the end of 2008, it had 4.99 billion yuan in fixed assets, with 1.2 billion yuan in infrastructure, with 14 km of roads, spending 335 million yuan on a 4.6-km section of Furong South Rd, and 228 million yuan on a 3-km section of Wangjiali Rd. The Furong South Rd section opened to traffic in the second half of 2009, giving the park a new traffic network, with four new main streets and State Road 107.

With the new provincial development zone, the government began looking for more investment and, by the end of 2008, had 132 projects, 90 of which had 5.19 billion yuan in domestic capital and $102 of foreign capital. There were large projects of three Fortune 500 companies -- the LP Group, Chia Tai Group, and China Minmetals Corp -- and projects involving Changsha Science and Technology University and the Changsha Ecological Zoo.

There were also companies with an annual output worth 100 millions of yuan, such as Changsha Pangeo Cable Industries, Hunan Yatai Industry, Hunan Komatsu Construction Machinery, Hunan Youwen Areca Nut Food, and Biluo Construction, and five major industries -- plastics, auto parts, machinery manufacturing, food processing, and construction materials. Total industrial output amounted to 1.49 billion yuan and spending on industrial improvements was 1.5 billion yuan.

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