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Jinjing Industrial Park

Updated: 2014-07-29

The industrial park is in the town of Jinjing, Hunan province is at the junction of Changsha, Pingjiang, Liuyang, and Miluo counties, in an area that contains 14 villages and 45,000 people.

Jinjing is a key part of the county and city of Changsha and has convenient transportation, with the Beijing-Hongkong-Macao Expressway, and State Rd 107, nearby and Huanghua International Airport just 40 km away. When work on the new Provincial Rd 207 is finished, Jinjing will be a 40-min drive from downtown Changsha and a part of a “half-hour economic circle”.

The industrial park has a planned space of 3.5 square kilometers with businesses in casting and agro-products, such as the Changsha Jinlong Casting Industrial Co, a provincial leader with products sold around the world and the “Changsha Industrial Casting Base” Designation. It has major brands –in casting, leather, tea, vegetables, potatoes, and rice that are popularity in the province, and green-product brands Jincha and Xiangfeng. Other industries are auto parts, leather clothing, and agro-by-products. It has natural resources and an abundance of talented personnel.

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