Wufu Mountain Resort

Updated: 2014-07-29

The Wufu Mountain Resort is an easily-accessible, natural site with unique pavilions and towers and a beautiful reservoir. The most amazing thing about it is its wooden suspension bridge that stretches for more than 100 meters and attracts many tourists and guests every year. This was the first recreational farm in Changsha to have a suspension bridge.

To top it off, it opened a water park just recently as well. Other facilities include a large meeting room that can accommodate more than 100, a smaller meeting room that can seat up to 30, two Karaoke bars, a hotel, two restaurants, two fishing pools, and the reservoir, of course, where people can float or go boating.

The picturesque surroundings are covered with trees, pavilions, chain bridges, villas, and are the ideal place for you to relax and regain your energy. As you walk on the chain bridge between banks of the reservoir, you can imagine what it was like for the Red Army during the extraordinary Long March Here at the resort.

We value culture and tradition very much. As a matter of fact, the name, Wufu, comes from the traditional concept of “happiness” and means literally “five happinesses”, or longevity, prosperity, health, virtue, and a natural ending. A life blessed with these five kinds of happiness is thought to be a really happy one. The resort has this name because we hope that it will bring happiness to our guests. We want to let them know that the resort is a kind of paradise, which is why the two Chinese characters, “福” (happiness) and “喜” (joy) can be found everywhere, to reinforce this impression. There are just too many instances in life to cover them all and only a life blessed with all five of the happinesses is a truly perfect one!

Some of the special facilities are fishing pavilions, Karaoke rooms, chess rooms, meeting rooms, table tennis rooms, and gym. The reservoir contains many species of fish and you can enjoy fishing for them on one of the pavilions, or, just sit back and enjoy the beautiful landscape over a cup of tea. It’s amazing to experience having this intimate contact with nature. So, come visit Wufu Mountain Resort and enjoy our healthy cuisine and our services, and find happiness in the freshness around you! Address: Wufu Village, Beishan, Changsha county.

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