Yuloudong Restaurant

Updated: 2014-07-23

Yuloudong Restaurant

The restaurant's Xingsha branch, with authentic Hunan cuisine, is at 118 Tianhua Middle Rd, in the Economic and Technological Development Zone, with scenic spots around the building, and easy access by public transportation. The restaurant combines catering, recreation, and relaxation with acceptable prices for everyone and welcomes guests from everywhere with an elegant, warm setting, professional service and superb dishes. It has three floors, with a lobby on the first, the restaurant itself on the second, and recreation facilities on the third, including game rooms and a pedicure parlor.

Signature dish: sliced tripe

Yuloudong Restaurant

Recommended: sliced tripe, fried duck with areca nuts, Duliang pig ears.

Address: 118 Tianhua Middle Rd, Xingsha Development Zone

Tel: 0731-8239-6566/ 8239-6577

Fax: 0731-8239-6558

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Add: No.19, Kaiyuan Rd, Xingsha, Changsha county