Xinyuege Restaurant

Updated: 2014-07-23

Xinyuege Restaurant

This restaurant is situated in Changsha's most flourishing business area, the Xingsha district.

Signature dish: Yongzhou fried duck with duck’s blood

Xinyuege Restaurant

Yongzhou fried duck with duck’s blood

If you're a newcomer, the first item to look for is the No.1 dish, Yongzhou fried duck with duck’s blood. No need to be squeamish because the duck’s blood is a kind of medicinal treasure that relieves internal heat and detoxifies the body. The ducks are hand-picked, the meat fresh, and the blood freely mixed with cooking wine. The chef does the plucking, dicing, and cooking, with ginger, dried chilies, and garlic cloves in a frying pan, broth added, and the mixture braised until nearly dry. The duck’s blood is added with spices at the end as a centerpiece.

Cuisine: Chinese and Western

Recommended: braised turtle with basil, fried Yongzhou duck with duck’s blood, traditional steamed pork, Hengyang boiled vegetables, fried eel with green pepper, steamed beef slices

Appropriate for: family gatherings, dating, business receptions, or a group of friends.

Parking space: unlimited

Hours: 09:00-22:00

Capacity: 200 seats

Tel: 0731-8401-0000

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Tel: +86(0731)-8401-8486

Add: No.19, Kaiyuan Rd, Xingsha, Changsha county