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Updated: 2014-07-18

The city does not want for talented people, with 116 institutions of higher learning and 25 vocational schools, including many “211” universities, such as Central South, Hunan, and Hunan Normal.

Meanwhile, the county has 26 institutions of higher learning and 10 vocational schools and had 29,000 graduates in 2011. To cater to enterprise needs, its government has been pushing employment and training and uses the Changsha Xingsha and Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone websites to announce job information on a regular basis. On the 8th and 18th of each month, the zone holds a job fair with free admission for member enterprises and job seekers. Participating companies include the Sany Group, Bosch Auto, and Broad Group, with senior management, marketing, and technical positions. The Xingsha Industrial Park started the first phase of its training center in 2012, providing courses and schooling for major industries, such as engineering machinery design, auto parts, and tertiary industry.

By the end of 2011, the minimum salary in the city of Changsha was 1,020 yuan a month, and in the county, 930 yuan.


Realizing dreams in Changsha county

Changsha county has developed fast in recent years.

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